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                              Your browser version is outdated. We recommend that you update your browser to the latest version.

                              LISTEN TO US
                              with the tunein radio app
                              Details at Tunein.com
                              Once you're set up, search stations
                              type in CVUE
                              THEN MAKE US YOUR FAVOURITE PRESET






                              with Dave McCormick
                              Monday 6pm
                              Thursday 4pm

                              Nite Flite 
                              with Fred Bradley
                              Wednesdays  5pm

                              World of Blues
                              with Leroy  Pattison
                              Fridays 8-11pm

                              Big Band Sunday
                              5 to 7pm

                              Sunday Special
                              with Jack Cullen




                              WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER  


                              LISTEN TO CVUE ON RADIO FM

                              Download app using google play or apple apps

                              Radio FM is available on Android, iOS phones and Car systems including Android Auto, Car Play and Automotive OS devices

                              Use Alexa - Alexa play Tune-in radio  Spell out C V U E,  World Wide Radio.  She will connect you to CVUE World Wide Radio


                               Jack Cullen - Again!

                              Hear the SUNDAY SPECIAL

                              at 8pm only on C-VUE



                               New Episodes Every week - Wednesday's at 8pm



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